Cortisol and Growth Hormone~

Fact~The higher your cortisol levels, the more belly fat you’re likely to have.

So if you have a good deal of belly fat, it’s reasonable to assume that you probably have high cortisol. High cortisol and the resulting belly fat is unhealthy for many reasons but visceral fat has also been linked to major health problems like heart disease and diabetes. Focusing on the fact that cortisol is keeping you not-so-little in the middle can help you combat and overcome it. The obvious solution is to try to lower cortisol levels to lower that unhealthy belly fat.  A major hormone like cortisol will not be fooled by a pill so take a pass on pills. You can fight hormones with hormones in a more natural way.

When it comes to cortisol, you need look no further than your own Growth Hormone. Also known as Human Growth Hormone or simply HGH, growth hormones are produced in the pituitary gland and are responsible for growth among other things. It is one of the most effective things in the world to offset excess cortisol. So if you want less cortisol, you just need to make more growth hormone naturally. There are certain types of training that are actually capable of producing GH for us! Neat huh?

HGH is released in response to the production of  lactic acid. Lactic acid is a byproduct of some of the processes that happen when you exercise in a specific way. Doing exercises in an ordered pattern, you can produce more lactic acid, which will then produce HGH naturally as a result. That HGH surge will also help to offset your higher cortisol levels.

We can accomplish this by doing exercises using specified training methods which involve using slower lifting speeds and faster lowering speeds. The reason for this structure is that lactic acid is primarily produced during the positive or lifting phase of the exercise, and not during the negative or lowering phase. For each repetition, you will lift over a time span of about 4-7 seconds, and lower the weight quick yet safely. For example if you were squatting, you would lower yourself down to the bottom position relatively quick, and push slowly back to the top. Doing an overhead press, you would lower the dumbbells quick but safely, and press them back over your head over a period of 4-7 seconds.

Performing exercises with these concentrated & extended movements is going to create a great amount of lactic acid, which is going to prompt your body to turn on production of it’s own HGH! And that growth hormone is going to help you manage your cortisol and fight off the dreaded belly fat. And if all that isn’t enough, lactic acid training is also a great fat loss training method, for losing overall fat. If you want to fight your cortisol issues, you need natural occurring growth hormone. If your willing to utilize this method, you’re one step closer to fighting off your belly fat for good and isn’t that something we all desire?

5 comments on “Cortisol and Growth Hormone~

  1. The majority of Americans now have belly fat issues for obvious reasons. Traditional situps…forget about it! They may have been affective in the 50’s and 60’s, but our abs today are a lot tougher to deal with because of non-activity and food choices…great article!

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